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Great Venues For Gold Coast Weddings

If you’re looking for Gold Coast Weddings then why not book an Ancora reception? This is the ultimate location in which to exchange vows on the sparkling golden beaches of the south-east Queensland. Not only will your guests get to witness two people of similar faith join together in marriage, they’ll also get the chance to see the spectacular marine environment that surrounds the ocean itself. It’s a great way to share the beauty of Australia’s beauty in a beautiful setting. Ancora, located at the prominent Surfers Paradise, offers many options for wedding locations.

Gold Coast Weddings

There are plenty of Gold Coast wedding venues to choose from – but you can’t have a wedding reception without considering Ancora. This amazing location provides all the space you need for your ceremony and reception, as well as offering you the facilities for entertainment and dining. With its luxurious resorts, it’s the ultimate in Gold Coast weddings.

If you’re heading down to the south-east for your Gold Coast Weddings, it would be a good idea to check out the Surfers Paradise. This amazing place offers an array of unique experiences, with plenty of things to do. Surfers Paradise offers stunning Gold Coast wedding venues, including two fantastic resorts. At Surfers Paradise there are two different level 12 Penthouse suites, each with their own individual features such as outdoor entertaining and more.

One of the most famous resorts in Gold Coast is Cowbell Creek. Located at Burleigh Heads, this beautiful resort offers everything needed for a fantastic beach wedding – including a spacious beachside chapel, a swimming pool, two restaurants, and plenty of wedding options. If you want to have the most unique experience, why not opt for the ‘fig tree’ design for your Gold Coast Weddings? A traditional design, with a white motif, the fig tree is actually a fig tree with its leaves blown upwards.